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Your contact person for all press affairs:


Ms. Mandy Windt
Press officer of J. Fischer & Sohn KG
Tel:     +49 7231/9288-0
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


For printable pictorial material or any other press matters please contact Ms. Windt directly.



„New Classic“

Fischer is quite sure: classic wedding ring models sell well at all times and that will continue to be the case. Wedding rings should be timeless and be with the wearer for many years. Therefore many wedding couples decide on rather discreet rings. Yet discreet need not be boring, as Fischer illustrates again with its new "New Classic" collection.


The new models not only have a discreet classic design but also have a number of extras which belong to a wedding ring. The wedding rings appear unimposing but are very elegant and with the classic colours of white or apricot gold are particularly pleasing. In particular, apricot gold flatters the wearer with its sun-like play of colour and also because it is suitable for many types of skin. The surface finish of the models is characterised by a variety of structures (there are models with cross/lengthwise or impact matt) in combination with a polished high gloss finish. This contrast and the creative arrangement of shining diamonds make these wedding rings everlasting companions for the wedding couple.


In the "New Classic" collection the jewellery manufacturer from Pforzheim has combined ten classic pairs of wedding rings. The wedding rings in this line are offered in 585 white gold and apricot gold with perfectly cut white diamonds and are 100% "Made in Germany".


Models: 38 07460-060 apricot gold, 38 07461-060 white gold, 38 07466-055 white and apricot gold, 38 07462-060 apricot gold



38-07460-060 38-07461-06038-07466-055 38-07462-060




After the big success of the "rose ring" Fischer & Sohn has taken up the theme of "Inside/Out" and launched a collection with a floral design, distinguished by blossom and entwined leaf designs. The sales figures of the rose ring are clear to see and Fischer has once again confirmed its leadership with regard to innovative design. Since its introduction in 2011 the design has been increasingly encountered in competitor collections.

Under the motto of "Fischer fascinates. Not only women." this collection should also appeal to the man who will marry in future. The ladies often prefer a playful and charming style whereas the men prefer a classic, plain design. To satisfy both parties the rings need something special. Fischer has implemented this convincingly with its new collection. The ladies can enjoy the externally visible floral pattern every day while the men wear a ring which externally looks like a plain wedding ring. But even though both wedding rings at first glance do not have a connection, the wedding couple know that a reassuring part of these high quality rings is the same and that the rings belong together, just as they themselves do.

In the new "Flora" collection the jewellery manufacturer from Pforzheim has put together four wedding ring models and two jewellery rings which can also be worn together with a wedding ring. The wedding rings of this line are realised in 585 and 750 gold, 950 platinum or 950 palladium and depending on the type offered with perfectly cut white or cognac coloured diamonds. The jewellery rings are also available in 585 and 750 gold, 950 platinum or 950 palladium with perfectly cut white diamonds.


Models: 38-07434-060 apricot gold, 38-07431-070 white gold, 38-07435-025 red, white and apricot gold, pioneer "rose ring" 38-07239-075 apricot and grey gold


 flora-gold-38-07434-060   flora-gold-38-07431-070   flora-gold-38-07435-025  38-07239-075






"Carbon kisses Gold“


After the excellent sales success of the first carbon wedding collection from the Fischer company, the second series is now coming on the market which combines carbon the high tech material with precious metals. Under the motto of "Carbon kisses gold" the traditional company from Pforzheim is now bringing four pairs of wedding rings and four jewellery ring models onto the market.


In contrast to the first collection, these rings are not made from carbon tubing but this time carbon fibres pre-impregnated with epoxy resin are inserted into delicately milled areas and wound round the ring many times. The carbon fibres used by Fischer consist of 3,000 to 12,000 individual fibres. In the process the fibres used have to dry for at least 24 hours before the ring can be further processed and receive its end finish. The combination of sunny yellow apricot gold with the deep black is a very special play on colour which has a very harmonious effect and also sets a new trend. Enthusiasts who prefer a cooler colour combination will find the contrast between the white precious metal of palladium and carbon the right choice.


The advantages of carbon used for jewellery are clear to see. As well as the special rigidity and stability of the prepreg carbon, the material is extremely resistant to chemicals and temperature fluctuations and hardly shows any wear.


Each wedding ring is a unique product. In the manufacturing process the individual winding of the tubes can lead to slight differences with the surface colouration of a pair of wedding rings. This underlines the unique character of the model and is not considered to be a visual defect.


The company from Goldstadt Pforzheim has put together a collection of four pairs of wedding rings and four jewellery rings and used carbon to give them a completely new look. A matching men's ring is available on request for the wedding rings and also for the jewellery ring models. All the rings in the carbon collection are naturally meticulously handcrafted in Germany. The special fine feeling of the goldsmith is particularly required for the winding of the carbon fibres.


Depending on the model, the rings in this collection are realised in 585 und 750 apricot or red gold and in 950 palladium and with perfectly cut diamonds in the quality TW/SI.
Models: 23-01080-060 apricot gold with carbon, 23-01140-060 palladium with carbon, Models 23-01070-070 apricot gold with carbon, 23-01110-070 red gold with carbon


23-01080-060   23-01140-060   23-01070-070  23-01110-070