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Jewellery pieces – and especially wedding rings – are often inherited and cherished over many generations. Should you possess a ring from your great great grandmother, then just have a close look and somewhere on the inside you might see the initials "fs". This ring would then have been manufactured by the Fischer company.

The company was founded in 1919 as "Fischer & Sohn" and today the family-owned company is managed by the fourth generation and has contributed significantly towards the tradition of the jewellery city of "Goldstadt" Pforzheim.

On the theme of tradition: it can only exist when accompanied by a dynamic spirit of innovation and a consistent quality philosophy.

Design is continually developing, but should not merely follow the latest fashion. Traditional craftsmanship and modern technology go hand in hand with their respective benefits. This leads to quality you can see and feel which is everlasting.

Fischer manufactures exclusively in Pforzheim. Not for sentimental but for practical reasons. This is the only way to combine efficiency and flexibility with reliable world-class quality.