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Overview Premium



- gold is easy to polish and has a beautiful gloss
- depending on the alloy wedding rings in gold are also affordable for a small budget
- a higher gold content increases the resistance to tarnishing
- gold is available in the colours of white, grey, yellow, red and apricot






- platinum is the king of metals and is particularly high-end and highly priced
- durability and resistance to wear are especially high without the alloy becoming brittle
- diamonds come into their own with the neutral colour of a grey-white setting
- resistance to environmental exposure means that colour and gloss remain unchanged with everyday wear
- the high strength of the metal means that platinum jewellery hardly shows any signs of wear
- platinum is not for the "lightheaded" as its high specific weight makes it considerably heavier than other precious metals and therefore gives the material definite haptics which the customer experiences himself






- palladium is seen as the little sister of platinum as it belongs to the same group of metals
- the colour of palladiums is even whiter than that of platinum
- palladium is considerably cheaper and slightly lighter than platinum
- with polishing palladium takes on a high gloss
- as with platinum, palladium also has a resistance to tarnish






- carbon is especially characterised by its durability and stiffness
- it is extremely resistant to chemicals and temperature change and shows hardly any signs of wear
- extremely harmonious colour combination of apricot gold and carbon
- each wedding ring is unique